Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fun things to do on a second date

Play pool.
Why it rocks: You get to see how you both socialize with others in a public setting, have fun together and invite playful moments.

Take a hike.
Why it rocks: You both get to enjoy the outdoors, see how you handle emergencies or unique situations should they happen, and show off your physical agility.

Have a picnic.
Why it rocks: You get to have some cuddle time enjoying foods you both like, or even trying out new kinds of foods and showing off any of your culinary skills, and you get to take in a great view while having a chance to talk.

Go boating.
Why it rocks: If you’re a skilled boater, you get to show off just how well you can handle a boat. If not, a boat tour is a great chance to cuddle together while enjoying aquatic beauty and having time to talk in a comfortable, quiet environment. And it’s just the two of you on one boat.

Go fishing.
Why it rocks: If nothing else, fishing is a great way to get in some quiet time to just download or talk. It’s also a great chance to show how well you can work together, tolerate frustrations (every fishing expedition has one), and be creative in figuring out where to fish.

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