Saturday, February 26, 2011

These aren't avatar games

With Babydow, the avatar is a baby. The game begins with the baby’s birth; players can choose boy or girl and how their baby will look. Boys are born in cabbages and girls in roses. From there, players get their own “baby page,” complete with their baby’s photo. The baby page allows them to monitor their baby’s wellness, growth and abilities. The player can play with their baby, show affection, feed their baby or give their baby a bath. A boutique allows players to “buy” things for their baby, such as food, clothes and nappies.

Howrse is a great game for kids who want to learn about horses. Their avatar is either a pony or horse which players can name and choose the breed of. If players choose a pony, their pony lives with their mother until the age of 6 months, when they will join an equestrian center. Players feed and care for their pony and horse. Follow the quests to help your pony or horse eat, be groomed and participate in competitions. The Breeder’s Manual instructs players on how to care for their horse. Players earn points, called “equu,” which they can use to buy items for their horse or purchase other horses.

REASON FOR CUTTING: I got caught up in looking up games for kids and forgot I needed AVATAR games. Whoops.

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