Monday, March 28, 2011

Halloween games for kids

Witch's Brew
Set up a plastic toy “cauldron” in the center of the room. Write down a list of silly items used for a brew, such as “Hair of Toad” and “Lizard’s Tail,” and place this list next to the cauldron. If the children are too young to read, draw a picture such as a star, square or heart next to the ingredient. Next, take as many small sport bottles needed for the ingredients and pour liquids such as apple juice, lemonade and water into each one. Attach a label with the name of the ingredient on the sport bottle, along with its visual key. Hide the sport bottles in various places of the room. Instruct the children to find all of the ingredients and pour them into the cauldron. The last one to find a hidden ingredient is the winner.

Decorate the Pumpkin
Cut a large pumpkin from orange construction paper. Cut several eyes, noses and mouths from black construction paper. Place each in a small envelope. Hide the envelopes in a room. Children must find the facial features for the pumpkin and take turns gluing the right item on. The last one to glue on their facial feature to form a complete face on the pumpkin wins the game.

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