Sunday, September 6, 2009

Global warming: Fact or fiction?

"Several debates rage over theories about how the planet was formed and how it is thriving – or not thriving."


"The global warming scare has made plenty of people become more aware of the impact they have on the planet, but one has to ask if this theory can actually be fact or just a lot of hot air."

CHANGED "can actually be fact" to "is actual fact."

CHANGED "one has to ask if this theory is actual fact" to a question format.

CHANGED "Another claim adding fuel to this debate that global warming is a myth" to "another claim that global warming is a myth" Needed the sentence to be shorter.

CHANGED "Another point which the proponents make" to "Another point they make" because of word limit.

CHANGED "Bottom line, whether or not global warming is real, the fact remains that all human inhabitants of this earth" to omit "the fact remains." Felt it was irrelevant since I started the sentence with "bottom line."

CHANGED "all human inhabitants of this earth should take steps to care for our environment" to "all human inhabitants of our home planet should care for our environment." I felt that calling Earth our "home planet" would have a stronger emotional impact and cause some sensitive readers to feel that attachment to our planet.

Read this article here: Is Global Warming a Myth?

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